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ChildSafe provides dynamic, in-person training to children and teens, professionals, parents and adults, and licensed mental health providers and clinicians both on and off-site.

Classroom full of students Continuing education for social workers teachers lpc

Talleres Brown Bag

Seguridad en el Internet: Preadolescentes y Adolecentes (40 min)

Identifying signs of child abuse predators

Abuso Sexual Infantil: Victimas & Delincuentes (1.5 – 3 hrs)

Neglected and abused litle girl - what to do when you suspect a child has suffered abuse

¿Qué es el Abuso Infantil? (1hr)

Darkness to Light® Stewards of Children Training™ en Español (3 hrs)

Interactuar con los Niños Víctimas de Abuso Sexual y Como Formar Limites (0.5hr)

Problemas de conducta sexual en niños (1hr)

dealing with troubled and abused children in Bexar County

Consejos de Seguridad Para Los Niños (0.5hr)

Woman with girl on computer in Netsmartz course on internet safety for parents and guardians

Seguridad en el Internet: Padres, Tutores, Comunidades (45 min)