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A child or teenager’s outcry of abuse doesn’t necessarily mean the hurt is over. For many young survivors, it often means the beginning of a stressful, scary, and difficult journey through the adult-minded criminal and civil justice systems.


At ChildSafe we believe the beginning of this journey is the beginning of the healing process, and that it doesn’t have to be a journey that overwhelms a child or family.

ChildSafe offers a safe, child-friendly environment where a multi-disciplinary team of law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, and medical and mental health professionals can share information and coordinate strategies sensitive to the needs of each child.

At ChildSafe, children and teens aged 3-18 receive an array of evidenced based, trauma-informed services that include the following:

Forensic Interview Services

Our Forensic Interview Team assists law enforcement and Child Protective Services investigators by conducting specialized and unique investigative interviews of children making an outcry of abuse. Forensic interviews gather pertinent information from children in a neutral, non-leading, developmentally sensitive, and legally defensible manner.

Care Coordination

Our Care Coordination staff facilitates the Bexar County Care Coordination Team (BCCCT) using a multi-disciplinary team and trauma-informed approach to the coordination of services to survivors of minor human trafficking and/or exploitation. It is a collaborative and community-based system of care to address the current and long-term needs of the youth we serve to empower and transform their lives.

Referral to Medical Services

A medical exam is available to any child or teen who has an allegation or concern of abuse.  ChildSafe does not provide medical examinations.

Family Support Specialists (FSS)

Our Family Support Specialist (FSS) are committed to helping each family navigate the complex systems they enter when a child makes an outcry of abuse.

Counseling Services

ChildSafe provides counseling services to traumatized children and teens between the ages of 3-18.  In addition, siblings and non-offending care givers may be eligible for counseling services.

Adventure Therapy

ChildSafe’s adventure therapy program incorporates the healing power of nature and outdoor activities with evidence-based experiential therapy. Clinicians use rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and other activities to promote empowerment, open lines of communication, and build trust between family members.

What else do we do at ChildSafe?

We believe sharing information and working with our Multi-Disciplinary Partners is critical to advancing care standards for abused children and their families.
Raise Community Awareness
We believe that eradicating child abuse from our society begins with building informed, empowered communities that stand ready to tackle this issue with courage. We accomplish this by providing education to adults, children, and teenagers in various community and professional settings.
Advocate for Children
We believe in the power of a collective voice to successfully effect change that will impact the lives of the children scarred by violence and abuse.
Raise Funds for Services
At the heart of our mission is a commitment to support the work of our direct care staff so they can continue to help young victims rebuild their lives. ChildSafe is a nonprofit organization that must raise funds to provide our services to residents of Bexar and surrounding counties.

I appreciated that everyone was very friendly and didn’t treat my children any differently when the situation they are facing is hard enough.

Mother of an abused child

ChildSafe has never let us down. You gave me back my son’s wonderful personality. You gave him the strength to say 'I am a survivor, I am not a victim.' Those are the bravest words I’ve ever heard. And ChildSafe made them possible.

Mother of an abused child