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Adventure Therapy is the intentional use of outdoor experiences by a licensed mental health professional to meet the therapeutic needs of clients. ChildSafe is the only Children’s Advocacy Center in the country that provides such a program with the inclusion of bilingual services.

As a trauma-informed program, ChildSafe’s Adventure Therapy staff work together with the child survivor and supportive family members to create unique and personal goals. Together, family members are able to practice skills important in helping to reduce trauma symptoms. These include coping with stress in healthy ways, improving family communication skills, and identifying family strengths and resources.

All adventure therapy activities are facilitated by licensed mental health counselors or counselors in training under the supervision of a licensed mental health practitioner.

Need more information?

Please contact:

Roxanne Castillo- Beckett, MA, LPC
Director of Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare

(210) 675-9000

Download the program brochure:

I feel grateful knowing that help and availability of services doesn’t end when we walk out the door they are always available.

Mother of an abused child

ChildSafe has never let us down. You gave me back my son’s wonderful personality. You gave him the strength to say 'I am a survivor, I am not a victim.' Those are the bravest words I’ve ever heard. And ChildSafe made them possible.

Mother of an abused child