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Our New Home

As a result of increased community awareness and successful outreach efforts, ChildSafe has seen significant growth in the number of services we provide, the number of staff we employ, and the number of children and families reaching out for assistance. It became clear that our old 13,000-square-foot facility could no longer meet the growing needs of Bexar County children and families, and the need for a larger, centrally located facility became urgent. Our vision was to create a new home for ChildSafe — a spacious, modern campus that serves as a sanctuary for children, their families, and the professionals who care for and protect them — a  new facility that is a beacon of hope providing support  and care for the restoration of thousands more children and families in the decades to come.

On August 19, 2019 we started providing services to clients in our new campus – ChildSafe’s Harvey E. Najim Children & Family Center. Our new home has space for music therapy, art therapy, and family therapy. Immeasurable care was taken to design a nurturing, child-friendly atmosphere displaying beautiful art and a Heritage Wall showcasing the rich culture and history of San Antonio. It has nooks and crannies for play areas and expanded family waiting areas with large windows looking out to 43,000-square feet of therapeutic green spaces, rooftop gardens, courtyards, outdoor therapies, activity areas for clients, and respite areas for staff members who constantly provide these essential services under extraordinary conditions.

ChildSafe’s expansion provides hope, healing, and refuge for children and their families during the most devastating time of the lives. We are committed to helping children rebuild their lives after surviving the horrors of abuse and neglect and always have access to resources, essential services, and a safe place to heal. Our new campus and its expanded and enhanced programs provide life-changing services to our most vulnerable community members at no charge, and offer the opportunity for community engagement, education, and increased awareness of child abuse and neglect. Our campus is already seen as the symbol of growth and prosperity on the Eastside and has contributed to several new city and business initiatives adding to the economic development of the area.


More Information

For more detailed information about the Salado Creek Campus, please take a look at our comprehensive brochure.