OBH is a progressive counseling service offered through ChildSafe. This innovative program engages people in experiences that build key qualities and relationships while addressing, managing, and conquering their trauma triggers.

Trauma affects many people in a child’s life. Through OBH, ChildSafe works to build healthy assets in families, including successfully adapting to challenges, fostering nurturing relationships, and creating open dialog about tough topics. Families camp, kayak, rock climb, and participate in other adventure-based activities together, designed to promote empowerment, open lines of communication, and build trust.

OBH activities are facilitated by licensed mental health counselors or counselors in training under the supervision of a licensed mental health practitioner.

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I feel grateful knowing that help and availability of services doesn’t end when we walk out the door they are always available.

Mother of an abused child

ChildSafe has never let us down. You gave me back my son’s wonderful personality. You gave him the strength to say 'I am a survivor, I am not a victim.' Those are the bravest words I’ve ever heard. And ChildSafe made them possible.

Mother of an abused child