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By March 20, 2021May 18th, 2021ChildSafe In The News
Kim Abernethy, ChildSafe President & CEO
  • What is your role at your organization and what does it entail?

As President and CEO of ChildSafe, it is my responsibility and privilege to lead and guide board and staff members to ensure every child who walks through our doors is treated with dignity and respect and receives the most advanced care possible during what is likely the most traumatic time of their lives. Our new Harvey E. Najim Children & Family Center is a model for other nonprofits to understand how informed design can inspire healing. The beautiful campus is a trauma-informed setting that says to all who enter—clients, partners, staff members, and the community at large—”you are welcome, you are safe, and you are special.” The new campus is a sanctuary for children, their families, and the professionals who care for and protect them, dramatically impacting a child’s ability to heal.

  • Describe your organization’s mission in your own words.

To provide care and services directly to children and adolescents traumatized by sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, neglect, or exploitation and heal from the abuse they have suffered at the hands of an adult. As the only Children’s Advocacy in Bexar County, we coordinate efforts of child protection staff, law enforcement professionals, family advocates, medical experts, and mental health clinicians for children and adolescents traumatized by abuse. 

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